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  • Then the LORD said to Moses, "Pay close attention to this. I will make you seem like God to Pharaoh. Your brother, Aaron, will be your prophet; he will speak for you. - Exodus 7:1

  • Tell Aaron everything I say to you and have him announce it to Pharaoh. He will demand that the people of Israel be allowed to leave Egypt. - Exodus 7:2

  • So Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD had commanded them. - Exodus 7:6

  • Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron was eighty-three at the time they made their demands to Pharaoh. - Exodus 7:7

  • Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, - Exodus 7:8

  • "Pharaoh will demand that you show him a miracle to prove that God has sent you. When he makes this demand, say to Aaron, `Throw down your shepherd's staff,' and it will become a snake." - Exodus 7:9

  • So Moses and Aaron went to see Pharaoh, and they performed the miracle just as the LORD had told them. Aaron threw down his staff before Pharaoh and his court, and it became a snake. - Exodus 7:10

  • Their staffs became snakes, too! But then Aaron's snake swallowed up their snakes. - Exodus 7:12

  • Then the LORD said to Moses: "Tell Aaron to point his staff toward the waters of Egypt--all its rivers, canals, marshes, and reservoirs. Everywhere in Egypt the water will turn into blood, even the water stored in wooden bowls and stone pots in the people's homes." - Exodus 7:19

  • So Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD had commanded them. As Pharaoh and all of his officials watched, Aaron raised his staff and hit the water of the Nile. Suddenly, the whole river turned to blood! - Exodus 7:20

  • But again the magicians of Egypt used their secret arts, and they, too, turned water into blood. So Pharaoh's heart remained hard and stubborn. He refused to listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had predicted. - Exodus 7:22

  • Then the LORD said to Moses, "Tell Aaron to point his shepherd's staff toward all the rivers, canals, and marshes of Egypt so there will be frogs in every corner of the land." - Exodus 8:5

  • Aaron did so, and frogs covered the whole land of Egypt! - Exodus 8:6

  • Then Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and begged, "Plead with the LORD to take the frogs away from me and my people. I will let the people go, so they can offer sacrifices to the LORD." - Exodus 8:8

  • So Moses and Aaron left Pharaoh, and Moses pleaded with the LORD about the frogs he had sent. - Exodus 8:12

  • But when Pharaoh saw that the frogs were gone, he hardened his heart. He refused to listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had predicted. - Exodus 8:15

  • So the LORD said to Moses, "Tell Aaron to strike the dust with his staff. The dust will turn into swarms of gnats throughout the land of Egypt." - Exodus 8:16
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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