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FAQ: Wait. Why can't God be different for different people in different cultures? Why does the God of Christianity have to be the only way to heaven when there are other sincere religions?

Today, many say that it doesn't matter what someone believes, as long as he or she is sincere about what he or she believes. Osama bin Laden is sincere about what he believes and what he does. Just because someone is sincere, doesn't make it right. Some say all religions teach basically the same thing, and that the followers all end up in heaven in the end. But Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except through Me." Jesus states that He is the One and Only Truth, not a truth or one who teaches the truth. He is truth. Those who have Christ have the truth. It is not found in anyone or anything else. Jesus said that He is the life. He is the source of life, both spiritual and eternal. Those who receive Him have eternal life because He said Himself that He is the life. No religion can give salvation, only Jesus Christ. Christianity, at its core, is the only faith that doesn't require "works" to gain salvation - no mantras, no rituals, nor repetitive exercises - just belief, faith and commitment in Jesus Christ. Jesus doesn't want sincere religion -- He wants a sincere relationship!

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