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FAQ: Why did God create in the first place? Was He bored? Was He lonely? Why did God go through the trouble of making humans?

The Bible tells us that God's ultimate purpose for the universe is to reveal His glory. The Bible tells us that God's ultimate purpose for mankind is to reveal His love. These are simple truths not only found in scripture, but proclaimed in everything we see. When we peer to the edge of the massive cosmos, delve into the intricate world of the microscopic cell, explore mathematical principles of quantum mechanics, and map the digital code of the human genome, we can't deny the glorious complexity and unity in everything around us. Remarkably, it's all there for God's pleasure. The Bible tells us that everything comes from God, everything lives by His power, everything declares His glory, and everything exists for His purpose. In a nutshell, God created mankind for His pleasure. He didn't need to create us, but He chose to create us for His own pure enjoyment. God is a loving Father and we were created to be His children. It's no different with us - parents simply choose to have children to love them and raise them. Well, because of His love, God decided to make us His children. This was His pleasure and purpose in all things - from the beginning.

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