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Join the AllAboutGOD Network at TheNET is a safe online community where you will find links to additional free resources and be able to connect with other believers who can encourage you on your journey. Here, you will also be able to get prayer for your needs, receive answers to your questions, interact with others, and invite your friends to join in.



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We recommend that you read and/or listen to God's Word on a daily basis. We also provide free worship music, audio Bibles, topical lessons and sermons on every book of the Bible -- chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

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We also have a number of website tools, studies, and devotions to help you grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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We offer a free email devotion to help you in your walk with Jesus!

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As part of these online studies, we encourage you to find a Bible-believing gathering in your area where people are encountering Jesus Christ, getting to know Him personally, learning the Word of God, and living a lifestyle of love and service to others.


Finally, for an online source of encouragement and thousands of helpful articles, video, audio and images please use the AllAboutGOD Network. As always, everything here is FREE!

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