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Co-founder, President & CEO

Greg Outlaw co-founded in 2002 and is the President and CEO. (AAG) is one of the largest evangelical outreach in terms of impact on the Internet solely using search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and video search engine optimization (VSEO) techniques to drive surgically targeted traffic. In fact, over 342 million visitors have come to the AAG network of websites through Almighty God blessing these strategies from May 2002 to December 2016!

Greg is one of three known people that were successfully implementing what would become known as SEO in late 1995 prior to Yahoo's IPO in 1996. Greg and the others were simply requesting links, adding meta data, repeating keyword phrases (way too often), and a few other things that simply seemed like "good ideas" in the very beginning! At that time, rather than pursue the sole business of SEO he decided it would be more effective to utilize these strategies to drive targeted traffic to his own internet company - a well-known vertical search engine in the business and finance industry. In fact, he and his co-founders were so successful that this company was on the fast track to an IPO by 1998. After turning down an offer of $25 million for this company due to his own greed and fruitlessly spending his life in the 90's in pursuit of an IPO that ended up being shelved by the bursting of the Internet Bubble and bankruptcy, Greg finally heard and acknowledged the voice of God. He rededicated his life to Christ on December 7, 1999, was miraculously healed of a terminal illness through prayer and the reading of God's Word in April of 2001, and was given a vision for what became

Greg has spoken numerous times at the NRB, CLA, Internet Evangelism Coalition, Christian Internet Marketing Conference, and Liberty University on Internet Marketing. Greg lives near Belen, NM with his wife and partner in AllAboutGOD, Candy.

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