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Director of Dutch Outreach

Erik was the typical prodigal son. For thirty-five years he traveled many different roads in an attempt to find happiness and give meaning to his existence. But none of these roads led to a satisfactory destination. On the contrary; together they proved to form a disappointing maze in his search for purpose and significance. Erik’s lack of purpose of course went hand in hand with a lack of character; the fruits of a lacking worldview. In 2004, after he moved his family to the United States, a tragedy took place that changed his life forever. Today Erik is a new creation with purpose and hope for eternity.

Since 2005, Erik is the Director of Outreach for’s Dutch network of websites. He has translated over 1800 web articles about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, worldview, science and many other topics, as well as two different Dutch editions of The Daily Bible®.

Erik has a PhD in structural engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, and has been working for many years as a senior software developer in the American world of Information Technology.

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