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Director of Administration & Finance

If there's one thing Candy's convinced of - it's that life really is All About GOD. "In my life I have experienced miracles. I have no doubt that God exists and that through His grace my life was saved." That's not to say she wasn't a little stunned the day husband Greg announced they were "going into full-time ministry." But by then she'd seen enough not to ask too many questions. After months of working alongside him and seeing what the Lord is doing through Greg's vision, she's convinced that it really is All About GOD!

Candy has worked for several Fortune 500 companies including AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. She has been Greg's partner in business in a few ventures and was the Chief Administration Officer and a Director of a "Dot-Com" company that she solely kept running for a couple of years while the rest of the management team worked jobs. This "Dot-Com" became a "going concern" on the fast track to an IPO with the S-1 document being filled out when the "Internet bubble burst" in 2000. Thankfully for Candy & Greg, God had far better plans for them in AllAboutGOD!

Since assuming administrative, SEO website positioning/reporting & bookkeeping duties in July 2002, Candy's role has grown to encompass office manager, content management, editing, writing, operations and concept development for various projects. She has also spoken and taught at Christian Women's Retreats and led several ladies' small groups. Candy lives near Belen, NM with her husband Greg.

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